For 9th Graders


Congratulations on your acceptance and your enrollment. We are very excited to welcome you to campus this fall. 

We hope you will use the summer as an interlude to rest and to pursue individual interests. Balance is important! Spend time with friends and family. Get outside. Explore old passions or new curiosities. Embrace downtime!

Over the next few weeks and months, we will provide a series of experiences to connect you with one another, to help your class develop a strong sense of community, and to prepare you for life at Exeter. One of these includes a common read over the summer. 

We are delighted with our selection of Jaime Cortez’s Gordo for our 9th-grade read, a beautifully crafted text that explores cultures, family structures, and values. All incoming 9th grade students are expected to read Gordo before school begins in September. You are welcome to takes notes or to keep a journal, but they are not required. In English, you will be asked to re-read certain stories for discussion, and in Health class you will engage in activities that respond to topics from the book. Though you will not be quizzed on the material, reading Gordo this summer will enhance and support those experiences and set the stage for a wonderful year.

The author will visit campus in early October! He will meet with the Class of 2026, deliver an evening lecture, and host a Q&A. Cortez will also attend English classes to talk about writing. This text will serve as common ground for discussion in your Health and English classes as we work together to create an inclusive, safe, and supportive community. 

Common Read Committee

  • Mr. Caldwell (English)
  • Dean Camilus (OMA)
  • Ms. Hurley (Health)
  • Ms. Langevin (Health)
  • Ms. Rohloff (Library)
  • Ms. Soucy (Health)
  • Ms. Waterman (Science)

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