Suggestions for Reading Gordo

In his work, Cortez often explores the perspective of a child or a younger version of himself. In an interview, Cortez described this decision: “I was interested in the voice of someone who doesn’t understand things but (is) also really observant. The challenge for me was figuring out the poetics of a child making sense of things.”

We encourage you to take this approach as you enter Exeter. You will not be expected to know or to understand everything right away. Be observant. Ask questions! Take pleasure in “making sense of things” with your peers and on your own.

We encourage you to read the book chronologically, but you can also read – and reread – individual stories on their own. We provide a Resource Guide if you would like to read more work by Jaime Cortez, to study historical background or context of the location, or to learn more about the author.

Please note: We will not say aloud nor use certain words although they will appear in some of the readings. We will not speak aloud any version of the f-word. “F*g” or “f**got” are words used to humiliate and to hurt. It is a slur most commonly used to abuse gay men and boys or those perceived to be gay. Considering the long and violent history of the word, it is important to understand its meaning and implications and not use it.

Common Read Committee

  • Mr. Caldwell (English)
  • Dean Camilus (OMA)
  • Ms. Hurley (Health)
  • Ms. Langevin (Health)
  • Ms. Rohloff (Library)
  • Ms. Soucy (Health)
  • Ms. Waterman (Science)

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